Monday, July 29, 2013

Economy Shipping

Apparently some 16 mm prints of Walt Disney's short "The Mail Pilot" (1933) carry the title "The Dizzy Pilot." It's not close to a good alternate title, and it ignores the direct references to "The Mail Pilot" in the cartoon short's lyrics. So be it.

The eBay seller, supposedly endeavoring to learn more about it, has listed it with a shipping cost of $90,014.67. Why? Ostensibly "just to get your attention, to see if others have some input or information and to encourage a reasonable offer." How does an unreasonable shipping charge encourage a reasonable offer? We aren't told.

Apparently no reasonable offers came in, so the Buy It Now price was lowered from $500 to $100. But the economy shipping rate remains $90,014.67. OK, eBay seller gepetto3, you have my attention. This print is not unique. WorthPoint, which archives some old eBay sales for price research by its subscribers, has recorded several 8 mm and 16 mm print sales of this odd title.

eBay Listing Ending August 19, 2013

eBay Item Description

Imaged added March 17, 2014

Walt Disney's
"The Mail Pilot" (1933)

September 3, 2013 Update:  The eBay seller has reduced the shipping cost to $6 and the item price to $49.80.
eBay Listing Ending September 7, 2013

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