Friday, July 5, 2013

Blog Post No. 800: Think Locally, Blog Globally

Welcome to my 800th blog post! I couldn't have asked for a nicer visitor.

Google provides many nifty statistical tools to its bloggers, and I admit to being fascinated by some of them. While I don't care at all which browser people are using to read this blog, I have been fascinated all year by how my humble blog attracts readers around the world. In February I noted that the blog was starting to accumulate page views in China, which was a totally new and unanticipated phenomenon. I commented on this several times, and I avidly follow China's progress here every day.

China is currently sixth among all nations in monthly readership, but it has not yet made it into the top ten list for all-time page views. If current trends continue, that should happen some time late this year and Brazil, I'm afraid, will be leaving this list.

Attempted Bloggery All-Time Pageviews by Countries, July 4, 2013

Please allow me to make a few additional observations. This list is top-heavy, with readership in the U.S. being approximately 100 times readership in Brazil. As a result, towards the bottom of the list, the results can easily be skewed by one or two dedicated readers in each country. The statistics can also be skewed by referer spam.

Of the ten countries on this list, six are Epcot nations. Five Epcot nations are not on the list: Norway, Japan, China, Morocco, and Mexico. The strong showing of Russia makes it unlikely that this list can ever be an all-Epcot list. Why I think this is important is not clear even to me.

Nations of Africa and the Middle East are not well-represented among the blog's readers. A similar fate may await South America if Brazil is pushed off the list by China. The entire Southern hemisphere would then be underrepresented, although Australia is English-speaking and may well remain strong. Overall readership in non-English-speaking countries is probably facilitated by Google Translator and other similar translation programs.



  1. Interesting post. this is my audience split:

    United States 107077
    New Zealand 16139
    United Kingdom 12621
    Russia 8279
    Canada 7363
    Australia 4284
    France 3616
    Germany 3597
    China 3310
    India 693

    Not sure what to make of it really! Cheers

  2. Hi, Carole! Thanks for sharing your page views by countries for your blog Carole's Chatter. Carole's Chatter, for those who have yet to discover it, is an entertaining blog full of interesting posts about books, recipes, art, and those incredibly challenging cryptic clues that drive sane people crazy.

    I have a few thoughts about these statistics. First of all, so we know what we're comparing here, your blog has had 203,609 all-time page views, which is about 11% fewer than my current total of 229,570. Despite this, you've attracted more Americans to your blog than I have, and, hey, I live here. This still might be okay with me if I somehow returned the favor and drew in more of your fellow New Zealanders than you do. But no, scarcely any New Zealanders look at my blog (other than you) and that just doesn't compare with the more than 16,000 page views you received from your countrymen.

    So New Zealand, China, and India don't make it into my top ten while Italy, Spain and Brazil don't make it into yours. Both of our lists have six Epcot nations, indicating that on some yet-to be understood cosmic plane we're perfectly in synch. In addition, both of our English-language blogs have a strong number of page views from Russia, France, and Germany. I'm not sure why this is happening, but I suspect it is not a coincidence. Rather, I believe the Russians, French, and Germans have a secret cultural longing for good solid blogging in English.

    If anyone else would care to share their page views by countries here, feel free.