Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moebius Skull

Here's a drawing that's clearly related to a published drawing by Moebius (Jean Giraud). How often do you see ink drawings on eBay described as "Genuine drawing, not a print (AT ALL)?" I suspect the reason for the seller describing it this way is it's extremely close similarity to a published drawing which includes a second major figure on the left. Perhaps the way it's signed with blue marker ink when it's drawn in black ink is also behind the seller's wording. The seller writes that it "seems to be a preparatory sketch for a painting that eventually I found googling a little bit." I googled a little bit myself but couldn't find this "painting." I did find the other drawing though, all over the place.

The seller states this is a drawing by the artist "of his futuristic way to see towns and landscapes." Really? I'd call it more of a surrealistic skull. The areas of the maxilla where the two figures connect in the published drawing seems unfinished here. The horizon line on the left seems a little messy too. It sold for $2,550 last month.


The eBay listing:

Moebius Skull, eBay Winning Bid
December 14, 2012

Moebius Skull, eBay Item Description
December 14, 2012



  1. Fantastic! I especially love 4 & 6 on the Jed Alexander site. I wonder about the artist's choice of pseudonym "Mœbius" and if is related to or derived from a combination or linking of the Möbius band or strip, the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius,French mathematician Jean Giraud and the mathematically inspired work of M. C. Escher. Moebius' work certainly appears to me to speak of the no beginning/no end of infinity. Whatever the case may be, comic book artists are a very unique breed and very much under-appreciated.

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    1. As it happens, another reader left a comment about another Moebius rough on this blog (see the post "Moebius Futurescape") and called it a fake too without elaborating. I think my original post here describes some of the potential problems with this piece, particularly in the way much of the left-hand portion of the composition is eliminated.

  3. there was another auction on the same seller the last week.
    maybe also this was a fake.
    same seller, same fake?

  4. THIS WAS the Drawing