Friday, January 25, 2013

2010 New York Comic Con Green Lantern Sketches

While I myself have never attended the New York Comic Con--the blockbuster event is always sold out way before I even think about trying to get tickets--my nephew has been there twice. In 2010, he obtained these sketches mostly by his favorite Green Lantern creators. He has allowed me to reproduce them here accompanied by his expert commentary.

Sinestro by Joe Prado, penciler of the Brightest Day series

Hal Jordan by writer Tony Bedard. "Eat more comics!"
You can barely see it but its an original Knuckles by Jamal Peppers.

Ivan Reis, the penciler for Blackest Night. I asked him to surprise me, so he drew an astronaut, in no way related to the Green Lantern. But on the bright side it's officially one of a kind :)

Lantern with the release date of the Green Lantern film. Drawn by one of the writers.


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