Friday, July 6, 2012

The Band Circus

Well, it's time for "The Band Concert" (1935) again. Here's a beautiful two-cel set-up on a custom-painted background. Note that Donald's outfit is not the sailor suit he wears in "The Band Concert," and his beak is not the early elongated one that's seen in the short. Donald's outfit places him in the short "Mickey's Circus" (1936). Two cels from different Disney shorts were combined in the creation of this set-up. As a result, we see an image that never actually appeared in an animated short. This probably happens more than we realize. The lot sold fairly well, and practices such as this will no doubt continue.

Celluloid of Donald Duck from "Mickey's Circus" (1936) and Mickey Mouse from "The Band Concert" (1935) on a non-production background

"Mickey's Circus" (1936) 


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