Sunday, July 1, 2012

St. Trinian's Autograph Sketch

Here are two pages from an autograph book belonging to one Joan, who was fortunate enough to obtain a signed and inscribed drawing by Ronald Searle of a St. Trinian's girl in September of 1955. There are also drawings by Rolf Harris and Reginald Jeffreys,as well as an autograph of Steve Race. The sheets have been torn out of the album perhaps somewhat hastily, and for years it seems the book's weak binding was reinforced with clear--now discolored--tape across the pages. So it's not in the best condition, but the St. Trinian's girl, frowning and bored, is, without question, the prize.

Autograph book pages by Ronald Searle and Rolf Harris
"For Joan
with best wishes from

Ronald Searle
Sept. 1955"
"Fancy being on this page
with a celebrity like Mr. Searle
Anyway, all the best
 Rolf Harris

Oliver Polip
(the Octopus)"
Reginald Jeffreys, Mr. and Mrs. Mumbo

Rolf Harris sketches a "Rolfaroo" self-portrait
Wikipedia image added March 13, 2013

"Jake the Peg"
The Rolf Harris Show
BBC, March 22, 1969
Video added March 12, 2013

Note:  My previous post on Ronald Searle can be found here.


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