Friday, February 24, 2012

A Souvenir of Snoopy

Here's a desirable copy of Charlie Brown & Charlie Schulz by Lee Mendelson "in association with" Charles M. Schulz. It's an odd choice of words for a collaboration. It sounds as if animation producer Mendelson did the writing and Schulz provided the background information, perhaps through a series of interviews. Judging from this copy on eBay, the two men probably attended at least one book-signing together.

The spot drawing of Snoopy is quite nice and it's signed by Schulz. The inscription  by Mendelson is less interesting, but it seems to lend additional authenticity to the page. To me, the Buy It Now price of $5,595 is a bit hard to swallow. This item apparently has been on eBay since at least July, so others interested in Schulz's art may feel this price is too high as well. With the Make Offer option, one could presumably shave a few hundred dollars off the price, but at what point does this become a good deal?

Charles M. Schulz, Snoopy, signed, with an inscription above by Lee Mendelson 

Lee Mendelson in association with Charles M. Schulz, Charlie Brown and Charlie Schulz 

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