Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mail from Mr. Herriman

Like many a cartoonist, George Herriman couldn't resist a blank space on a sheet of paper, not even packing paper. Here are some examples of drawings on mail package paper by the creator of Krazy Kat. Receiving a mailing from Mr. Herriman must have been special indeed, but finding that he also embellished the package should have made the recipient overjoyed!

I included Stephen Donnelly's former Krazy Kat pencil drawing in my blog post celebrating Krazy Kat Specialty Pieces. It appears again here only because it is a work drawn on packing paper and conceivably could have been sent through the mail. Just imagine! Alternatively, it may just be a drawing on packing paper. Either way, it's in unfortunate shape.

George Herriman: 1936 self-portrait snoozing on a piece of packing paper.  This is posted by owner Rarebit Fiend on the Comic Art Fans page.

Here is another package to the same recipient, Louise S. Swinnerton, offered for sale at Galerie Laqua in Berlin, which writes:
Galerie Laqua
Image added September 23, 2013

Note:  My previous post on George Herriman's comic artwork is here.



  1. ..and what of the long lost 19th Century craze for sending self-illustrated envelopes through the post? I'd love to get one of those.