Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haddon Sundblom: All a Girl Needs

Haddon Sundblom was an illustrator who is still well known today for his Santa Claus advertising campaign for Coca-Cola. There were of course, many other aspects to his work as an artist. Here is an illustration of an emotionally difficult moment between a mother and daughter from 1942 for Ladies' Home Journal. Sundblom was careful painting faces and figures, but he resorted to a more painterly, impressionistic style in rendering the comforter and furniture in the light-dappled room.

The painting was just recently offered at Illustration House in their December 10 sale. Auction results still haven't been posted. I wonder what's going on over there.

Lot 35Haddon Sundblom1899-1976
Mother comforting teen daughter.
Story illustration: “All A Girl Needs”, Ladies’ Home Journal, August 1942, p. 20;
Oil on canvas, 29.75 x 22.5", signed lower left
Estimate: $12,000 - 18,000
Story title, date and page number and “J7917” written verso; also alternate title, date and page: “Butternut Jane June p. 23”
Condition - Very good overall: has light surface soil; framed.

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