Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Review: Two Way Street (2007) by Lauren Barnholdt

Two Way Street (2007)
Lauren Barnholdt

Two Way Street tells the story of a cute teen couple who have broken up shortly before embarking on a road trip to college together. Lauren Barnholdt tells the story from both Jordan and Courtney's first-person perspective, giving them alternating chapters to narrate. The story also goes back and forth between two timelines, one following the road trip and the eventual arrival at college, the other telling the story of their romance over the past year and the unlikely but not completely implausible set of events that compelled Jordan to break up with Courtney for a mysterious girl he met over the Internet.

I'm certainly no expert on teen romance, either the phenomenon or the literary genre. I suppose there are a large number of young female readers passionately interested in both, and the book publishing industry seems eager to meet their needs. I don't know whether any high school boys read this kind of thing, but I imagine not too many. That's too bad, because, at least in this case, the male and female sides of the story are each handled quite well by the author.


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