Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Loetz Double Gourd Vase

Heritage Auctions offers this gorgeous Loetz vase in its November 19 sale. The conventions for describing Loetz vases are a bit arcane, flabbergasting even to many auction houses and complicated by the fact that the reference works are mostly in German.

Basically, vases are described in German by their form, the color of the glass, and the surface decor. Based on Ricke, Helmut, et al. Lötz: Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940 (München: Prestel-Verlag 1989) Band I, p. 89, the production number is 7724/8" neu Nr. 106 (1900). The color of the glass is red, hence this is Rubin. The decor is one of the Phänomen (or Phenomenon) genres, specifically Rubin Phänomen Gre. 7624 dating from 1898.

Decors were used on different vase forms sometimes for years after their development, hence any Loetz vase decorated with Phänomen Gre. 7624 must date from 1898 or later. The production number, or form, limits the vase to the year 1900. The cataloguer at Heritage arrived at the correct date without bothering to name the production number or decor. So be it, but where is the scholarship in that?

 Loetz vase production number is 7724/8"
neu Nr. 106 (1900), Rubin Phänomen Gre. 7624 (1898)

Loetz vase production number is 7724/8"
neu Nr. 106 (1900), Rubin Phänomen Gre. 7624 (1898)

Ground and polished pontil on the base of this Loetz vase, production number 7724/8"
neu Nr. 106 (1900), Rubin Phänomen Gre. 7624 (1898)

Blue and copper wave motif gourd vase, circa 1900
8-3/4 inches high (22.2 cm)
Estimate: $1,200 - $1,600.

November 19, 2011 Update:

Sold for:$4,929.38 (includes BP ) 

Condition Report*:  
The gourd vase is in excellent overall condition with a beautifully applied wave motif.

Here's another example of this decor on a vase with a very different form:
Rubin Phänomen Gre. 7624, 1898, 
I - 7557, © MCH

Note:  The best online resource for information about Loetz glass is Eddy Scheeper's website

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