Friday, November 11, 2011

Maurice Sendak's "Reading is Fun" Poster

Maurice Sendak seems to have no trouble producing enchanting posters. The theme of the poster art shown here is "Reading is Fun," and, yes, even the man in the moon is getting into it. Sendak's characters from Where the Wild Things Are seem generally delighted to help support the cause, although it would appear that only the boy Max really grasps the finer points of reading. Books shown include Caldecott's picture books, Grimm's fairy tales, a volume of nursery rhymes, and, of course, Sendak's own classic Where the Wild Things Are. 

In Caldecott & Co. (1989), Sendak discusses his appreciation of Randolph Caldecott's illustrations and he even mentions how sublime it would be to possess a particular original of Baby Bunting. I find this fascinating, as I believe a great many people today would feel precisely this elation about owning a splendid piece of original Sendak art!

Maurice Sendak, "Reading is Fun," 1979

June 25, 2017 Update:  A couple of signed posters are available on AbeBooks. Here's one of them:

Maurice Sendak
B & B Rare Books, Ltd.
AbeBooks Listing as of June 25, 2017

Note:  More Max.


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