Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Favorite Magazine Cover

Here is my favorite magazine cover of all time.  Those who know me may be surprised to learn that it isn't illustrated; it consists of a well-composed photograph.  But, like an illustration, it does tell a story.

Phil Marco, Graphis 185
Image replaced July 4, 2014
The cover of Graphis No. 185 has a richly dramatic and humorous composition by the very talented Phil Marco.   It features the original Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch, a mousetrap with a bit of cheese, and the catastrophic results of the encounter.  At the time of publication in the late 1970's, Marco was doing mostly still life photography, but it appears that over the years he has taken on other subjects and cinematography as well.

Phil Marco, Graphis 185
Image added October 15, 2012

Back issues of Graphis are reasonably scarce and not easy to locate, but happily today this and all issues are available for download in the Graphis Store here:

Phil Marco Productions is located in New York City and has its website here:

Phil Marco, Graphis 185
Image replaced July 4, 2014


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