Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Barbara Shermund: Hooked!

Carlson & Stevenson Antiques has been promoting original pieces by cartoonist Barbara Shermund for the past four years or so. An original watercolor of hers shows the apparent downside to successfully catching a fish, particularly for the squeamish. We are told the work was created for Esquire in the early 1950s. Now that Esquire's archive is online, it's safe to ask whether this is all a fish story.

True, the caption might have been radically altered for publication, but in its present form search results of the Esquire data base come up with nothing. Furthermore, the horizontal cartoon format seen here would not be at all typical for Esquire. Still this cartoon may have been reproduced in another magazine, or perhaps in the Sunday panel strip Shermund's Sallies.
"Good heavens, Gloria, now you'll have to put another worm on the hook!"
Barbara Shermund
Original cartoon art

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show 2018 
Published on Feb 6, 2018, page 38

Note:  Anyone knowing the publication history of this cartoon is urged to come forward.

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