Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Syd Hoff for BarcaLounger

For a 1950 BarcaLounger ad that appeared on a full page in Life magazine, cartoonist Syd Hoff created a nine-panel gag cartoon that not only makes the case for having a BarcaLounger at home, it strongly suggests a couple might need to have two. The copy writer inserted a standard sales pitch below each trio of panels, but that takes a back seat to what we learn from the cartoon. Syd Hoff is the master salesman here.

Life Magazine, 1950

Note:  This ad appeared in Life during the year 1950, according to the eBay listing from which it was taken. Does anyone happen to know in which issue?

More advertisements by the talented Syd Hoff are on the Syd Hoff website here (including a lower-resolution scan of this BarcaLounger ad) and on Ink Spill here.

Attempted Bloggery seeks scans or photographs of original art by Syd Hoff and published obscurities (cartoons, illustrations, and advertisements) not readily found on the internet.

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