Sunday, January 14, 2018

Carl Rose: Shake Well Before Using

In October we were treated to a single page of interesting book illustrations on various literary subjects by Carl Rose. At that time the identity of the book for which they were created was unknown. Now the owner of these illustrations has returned and provided us with no fewer than fourteen scans of the sheets each containing a grouping of illustrations. Happily, this more complete set allows us to identify the book they were created for as Shake Well Before Using, a collection of pieces classified as "Mostly Humorous" by Bennett Cerf published in 1948. The name of the book appears at the top of some of the chapter heading illustrations.

To recap the history from the previous blog post, these original illustrations were obtained at "an auction for the benefit of the Democratic Party in Norwalk, Connecticut in the late 1960’s. Mr. Rose, a resident of Rowayton, CT, and apparent party supporter, donated them for the auction." A few examples of printed illustrations from the book are here shown below the sheet on which the original drawings appear. The owner estimates that the pages shown here contain 79 of the approximately 108 illustrations which appear in the book.

Section 1: "The Front Page"
Bennett Cerf, Shake Well Before Using, 1948, pages viii-1

Section 11: "Radio"
Bennett Cerf, Shake Well Before Using, 1948, pages 250-251

The book:
Shake Well Before Using (1948) by Bennett Cerf
Illustrated by Carl Rose

Shake Well Before Using (1948)
Title page
Shake Well Before Using (1948)
Image added January 15, 2018

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