Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The New Yorker Signed by Derek Jeter

So here's a little tip from an eBay seller on how to obtain strikingly unique baseball memorabilia. While a star like Derek Jeter is waiting in line at a Starbuck's in Oakland, say, before a baseball game early in the 2007 season, simply approach him and whip out your recent subscription copy of the New Yorker and ask him to sign it. Why not use the issue with a cover by Bruce McCall, say, the one commemorating the opening of the baseball season in New York, a city blessed, as we see, with not one but two Major League baseball teams? In retrospect, it sounds so simple! By all means bring your baseball gloves to the game, people, but first why not carry a stack of appropriately-themed magazines to your local Starbucks and look for ballplayers?

Bruce McCall, The New Yorker, April 2, 2007 signed by Derek Jeter, left, and a ticket to the ball game, right

Derek Jeter's signature

Derek Jeter
eBay Listing Ended December 26, 2016

Derek Jeter
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Note:  The Yankees won, 4-3.

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