Wednesday, July 5, 2017

James Thurber's Men of the World

There seems to be no limit to the ability of eBay sellers to create unnecessary difficulty. One eBay seller stated he had an original New Yorker cartoon by James Thurber owned by the Bissell family, owners of the Bissell Carpet Sweeper Company. It had just been rematted in its original frame. Such a rematting would seem to be the perfect opportunity to photograph both sides of the original art out of the frame, but please note that did not happen. Instead, the seller photographed the framed art while it was still inside the plastic wrap from the frame shop. Go figure.

James Thurber
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Cartoons by Richard Decker and James Thurber

The buyer has provided better photos of the artwork:
"Now take you and me, Moffitt—we're both men of the world."
James Thurber, original art
Published as "Now take you and me, Blodgett—we're both men of the world."
The New Yorker,
June 24, 1939, page 19

Pencil marks show Thurber originally had Moffitt/Blodgett's feet on the ground.

James Thurber's signature

Note:  Here's a helpful hint:  If you should have your hands on original New Yorker cartoon art by James Thurber or another cartoon luminary and you'd like to show it off here on Attempted Bloggery, there's no need to shroud, obscure, or shrink-wrap it. Clear photos will do just fine.

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