Sunday, July 2, 2017

James Thurber: The Last Flower and the Death of Peace

Charles Addams wasn't the only New Yorker cartoonist to travel in rarefied social circles. In 1939, James Thurber presented a copy of his new book The Last Flower to actor James Cagney and his wife Bill. The book is inscribed to them and includes a sobering drawing of a Thurber dog mourning the death of peace. The tombstone bears the dates 1918-1939. Much of Thurber's preliminary pencil work remains visible. Hitler and Stalin had invaded Poland in September of 1939 and the inscription is dated December 2 of that year.

Inscribed "For Bill and Jimmy Cagney/with all best wishes/from Jim/December 2, 1939"
with a signed drawing of a dog at the gravesite of peace with a setting sun
in The Last Flower, 1939

James Thurber, The Last Flower, 1939

James Thurber
Swann Galleries, June 13, 2017, Sale 2451, Lot 160 Hammer Price

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