Thursday, April 28, 2016

Peter Arno: Without Reservation

"Morning, Chief!" is a cartoon by Peter Arno with a short caption and a long headdress. The play on words suggests, but certainly doesn't prove, the involvement of an uncredited gag writer. The original artwork for this 1965 cartoon was sold at Skinner, Inc. in 2013 for $840.

"Morning, Chief!"
Peter Arno, Original art, The New Yorker, October 2, 1965, page 49

Skinner, June 1, 2013, Lot 429

"Morning, Chief!"
Peter Arno, The New Yorker, October 2, 1965, page 49

"Morning, Chief!"
Peter Arno, The New Yorker, October 2, 1965, page 49

Note:  Collectors can show off their own examples of original New Yorker cartoon art on this very blog, even if it isn't by Peter Arno. Everybody wins!

Who was Peter Arno? Peter Arno: The Mad, Mad World of The New Yorker's Greatest Cartoonist by Michael Maslin is on sale now.

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