Monday, May 25, 2015

Jim Dine's Art

You know that it's art if it says so. This limited edition offset lithographic poster by Jim Dine from 1968 is definitely art. See for yourself.

Jim Dine, Art, 1968, 130/144

It is being offered this week at Skinner:
Skinner Listing Closing June 1, 2015

Note:  There's more art by Jim Dine on the blog, although the rest of it isn't necessarily labelled as such.

If anyone knows the source of Jim Dine's photograph, just give a holler.

That edition size of 144--a dozen dozen--reminds me of a joke I first heard from high school math teacher John Titterton back in the day:  Why is the number 288 never mentioned in polite company?  It's two gross.


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