Saturday, November 3, 2012

Marathon Facilities

The New York City Marathon, scheduled to take place on November 4, 2012, has been cancelled. The timing of the event so early in the course of the region's slow and painful recovery from Hurricane Sandy proved inopportune, to say the least. News coverage was likely to dwell on some particularly hard-hit coastal areas on Staten Island literally a stone's throw from the starting line. So the event has been cancelled, but I don't see any real winners here. Sure, some resources reportedly will now be diverted to help the storm victims, but then many athletes, some of whom traveled to New York from around the globe, are inconvenienced by the last-minute cancellation.

My sole contribution, if you can call it that, is this single photograph from the 2009 event. I took it under the Queensboro Bridge on Marathon Sunday late in the day. The Bridge has since been renamed the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. That's more of an honor than you might think on the basis of my photo.

Under the Queensboro Bridge, Marathon Sunday 2009


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