Monday, November 26, 2012

Frank Frazetta's Land of Terror

Frank Frazetta's preliminary pencil study for the cover of Land of Terror by Edgar Rice Burroughs uses the curvature of the crocodile's body to give the composition a forceful left-to-right sweep. Ultimately though, this is not the approach used in the published version, which instead opts for the dramatic frontal view of the writhing crocodile.

Buying preliminary Frazetta pencil art can be tricky because there are fakes out there. Presumably, the provenance from an Illustration House sale in 2003 minimizes that particular risk. Nevertheless, the winning bid of $365 does not seem to be especially strong for a coveted Frazetta original.

Frank Frazetta, Study for Land of Terror cover

Frank Frazetta, Land of Terror

Frank Frazetta, Study for Land of Terror, eBay Listing



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    1. That concern may have impacted the sale price. The rendering of the forearms seems especially weak.