Thursday, March 8, 2012

Borealis Business Machines

From a January eBay auction, here is some fine preliminary artwork from Palookaville #20 by Seth (Gregory Gallant). Borealis Business Machines are the "Manufacturers of Clyde Fans" and I imagine the finished artwork in Palookaville will eventually be incorporated into Clyde Fans, Book 2.

Seth, we are told, never sells his published art, a choice sometimes made by artists who wish to control their legacy or support a charitable cause. One thinks of Maurice Sendak donating all of his original book illustrations to the Rosenbach Foundation. Bill Watterson seems to have kept just about all of his Calvin & Hobbes artwork. Much of Dr. Seuss's artwork was donated to the University of California San Diego. Holding on to original artwork allows an artist to keep his most important work in one place instead of having it dispersed all over the collecting world. On the downside, it reduces one's lifetime income, and it creates the challenge of finding a suitable home for the artwork. Seth has chosen to sell only his preliminary comic artwork, giving him what one hopes is a viable revenue stream.

Seth (Gregory Gallant), Borealis Business Machines, Manufacturer's of "Clyde Fans," Preliminary Artwork from Palookaville #20

Seth (Gregory Gallant), Borealis Business Machines, Manufacturer's of "Clyde Fans," Preliminary Artwork from Palookaville #20

Note:  My previous mention of Seth can be found here.


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