Wednesday, June 12, 2024

My Copies of Liana Finck's How To Baby and You Broke It!

A lot gets by me on Instagram. Fortunately, amid the thousands of images in my daily feed, I caught this unassuming one posted on May 20 by cartoonist Liana Finck:

Regular readers of this blog know how fond I am of books that are signed and personalized by cartoonists, particularly New Yorker cartoonists. I obtained my first signed book from Ms. Finck back at MoCCA Fest 2014. Now here was an opportunity to obtain two new books at once without even having to step out the door. I picked up the phone and placed my order. 

The next day, the Community Bookstore called me back. Liana was in the shop signing. How did I want the books personalized? I suppose they thought I'd want it signed to one of the women in my life, but I insisted the author use my own name. After all, who's the baby maven?

How To Baby was just published on April 30. It is billed as "a no-advice-given guide to motherhood, with drawings." Okay, I'm in.

This copy was evidently signed first, then personalized. Hence the need for the arrow.

You Broke It! was published way earlier, on January 23. Both books are from Penguin Random House.

And there you have it, signed by "acclaimed cartoonist Liana Finck."


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