Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Claude Smith: A Captive Audience

A 1955 print advertisement for advertising agency Young & Rubicam humorously illustrates the concept of a captive television audience. TV was a new medium but the advertising industry was working hard to assure clients of the crucial importance of having compelling commercials. The amusing ad is unsigned but on stylistic grounds it can reliably be attributed to cartoonist Claude Smith.
The only captive audience
that counts is the one that's
captured by the sheer excellence
of your commercials.
Claude Smith
Young & Rubicam advertisement

For the sake of comparison, here from the blog archives is a television-themed New Yorker cartoon by Claude Smith who, when he does sign his name, signs simply Claude.
"We had color, but it kept clashing with the room."
Claude Smith

The New Yorker, April 21, 1956, page 32

Note:  By all means leave a comment if you disagree with my attribution of this drawing to Claude Smith. Also drop a line if you know the publication and date in which this ad appeared.

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