Wednesday, May 17, 2017

William Von Riegen: Passing the Buck, Part 2

"This Funny World" was a single-panel newspaper cartoon published by the McNaught Syndicate between 1944 and 1985. Many cartoonists contributed to this strip, including William Von Riegen, one of whose original panels for the series discusses a judge passing the buck on the Constitution. The original artwork was sold on eBay in March for an embarrassing $5.49. After fifty years, the cartoon retains much relevance if not much monetary value.

"I just pass the buck to a higher court---
I don't know what's constitutional
or unconstitutional anymore!"

William Von Riegen, "This Funny World,"
February 17, 1967, McNaught Syndicate, Inc.

The artist seems to be writing "W. von Riegen" with a lower-case v. Yet his name always appears in print with a capital V.

William Von Riegen
eBay Listing Ended March 26, 2017

William Von Riegen
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The Morning News, Wilmington, Delaware
Friday, February 17, 1967, page 54

June 3, 2017 Update:  The new owner has come forward on Twitter.

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