Sunday, May 28, 2017

William Von Riegen and the Third Reich

Many cartoonists did their patriotic duty during the Second World War by mocking the Fascists. A cartoon by William Von Riegen from the war years shows him to be a reasonable caricaturist in addition to his skills with figures, gesture, shading, and uniforms. The publication history is unknown and the caption, unfortunately, has been lost under the glue, but it may or may not contain the name Adolf. Given all this uncertainty, the sale price of $13 at Heritage in 2008 is not all that surprising.

William Von Riegen, "[?]"

Heritage Item Description, December 28, 2008

William Von Riegen, "[?]"

Note:  Does anyone know when and where this was published, or what the caption is? Speak up, please.

This concludes our little survey of the art of William Von Riegen for now. I'm always interested in original artwork, primary source material, and published work new to the internet.


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