Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Peter Arno's Circus Signed Limited Edition 1931

The cartoon collection Peter Arno's Circus was published in 1931. The signed limited edition consisted of 110 copies, down from the 145 copies issued in 1930 for the Hullabaloo limited edition. It seems the Depression was making it hard to sell deluxe editions of cartoon collections, along with other luxury items.

Peter Arno's Circus (1931), copy 105 from the limited edition of 110

Limitation page from Peter Arno's Circus (1931)

Note:  By now the blog archives have quite a lot to say about Peter Arno. This is the 60th post to mention the artist. You'd better have a look-see. There are also quite a number of signed books.

Also by now you probably have your own copy of Peter Arno: The Mad, Mad World of The New Yorker's Greatest Cartoonist by Michael Maslin. If you don't, check out the book review in the Christian Science Monitor that calls the book "dazzling." There's also an excerpt entitled The Peter Arno Cartoons That Helped Rescue The New Yorker which was published on May 5 in the New Yorker's online edition. It's all about the Whoops Sisters. Who are they, you ask? You shouldn't know.

Here are some more links for the Arno devotee:

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Peter Arno in Chris Wheeler's Cartoon(ist) Gallery. What a library! Does he have the signed limited edition of Peter Arno's Circus? Yes, and another signed copy to boot.

Peter Arno in the April 26 Record. It's northern New Jersey's newspaper, or so I'm told.

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Peter Arno in the March 29 Wall Street Journal.


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