Monday, May 16, 2016

eBay 101: Whoops! A Signed Copy of Peter Arno's Whoops Dearie!

Today's eBay 101 lesson is very simple:  If you're going to sell a signed book, take a picture of the signature. Peter Arno has gotten a lot of attention lately, so this copy of Whoops Dearie! (1927) found a buyer anyway, but really wouldn't seeing the signature help? Is there any excuse for an eBay listing not to show it?

eBay Listing Ended April 4, 2016

My own signed copy of the book—not the above one from eBay but one from eBay long ago—is a bit of an oddity. It has what I believe to be the genuine signature of Peter Arno, and that would be fine if the original owner had left well enough alone. Instead, one Thomas V. Mullane just had to add his signature to the book in 1927, the year of publication. There's also a mysterious "Hello Bill," at the bottom, maybe a gift inscription.

My copy of Whoops Dearie! (1927) signed by Peter Arno and other(s)

Note:  Go to the head of the class! This is not the first eBay 101 lesson to be posted here. No, that first one had to do with some indistinct original art by Whitney Darrow, Jr. Whatever became of that?

There are quite a few signed books to be seen here on the blog. Go ahead, have your fill. Please tell me if any are problematic.

Chris Wheeler does a much better job photographing signatures than this post's eBay seller. See Chris's beautiful, clean, signed copies of Whoops Dearie! No extraneous signatures there!

The latest book to take the cartooning world by storm is Peter Arno: The Mad, Mad World of The New Yorker's Greatest Cartoonist by Michael Maslin. Peter Tonguette's rather gushing book review
for the Christian Science Monitor calls the book "dazzling." An excerpt entitled The Peter Arno Cartoons That Helped Rescue The New Yorker was published on May 5 in the New Yorker's online edition and it's all about our friends the Whoops Sisters. 

By now you should have these links memorized:

Peter Arno posts on Ink Spill. 

Peter Arno in the April 26 Record. It's a New Jersey thing.

Peter Arno in April's Vanity Fair

Peter Arno in the March 29 Wall Street Journal. 

Peter Arno posts here on Attempted Bloggery. I hope I've given you your money's worth.

Hello, Bill!


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