Friday, March 18, 2016

Edward Koren's Eye Exam

Contributor David from Manhattan provides the following scans from a copy of Edward Koren's Are You Happy?  The book is inscribed to Manhattan ophthalmologist David Pearce, who passed away early in June.

Edward Koren, Are You Happy? (1978)
Sketch of an ophthalmologist with his patient: "I can only make out the last line!"

Edward Koren, Are You Happy? (1978)
Inscribed "For David Pearce with my very best regards/Ed. K."

Note:  Thanks to David from Manhattan for doing all the work here. This is how I always wanted blogging to be.  You too can support your tired blogger by sending in scans of signed books with original drawings and maybe a note or two about them.  Then I put the material up on the blog and all's right with the world. Maybe you too have something unique by Edward Koren or some other New Yorker luminary. Help make a lazy blogger's life easy.

Have you been outside recently? Spring is just around the corner.


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