Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abe's Opinion of Clyde Matchcard

Here's another page of preliminary artwork by Canadian cartoonist Seth (born Gregory Gallant). The finished artwork appears in Palookaville #20, and eventually it should be a part of Clyde Fans Book 2. I believe this page follows the impressive two-page spread of Borealis Business Machines that I showed back here. Now we learn that Abe's opinion of Clyde Matchcard hasn't exactly mellowed over time.

You know, I wonder whether Gregory Gallant has any regrets about taking on the pen name Seth. The problem with it is that it's just too simple. In the age of Google,  a search for a name like Seth results in far too many irrelevant matches, I would think. A unique name results in specific hits. The John Smiths of this world have a kind of anonymity in numbers. Most artists, I'd imagine, would prefer to be readily searchable.

Seth (Gregory Galllant), Clyde Fans Book 2 preliminary art, Palookaville #20

Note:  My previous post about Seth's original illustration art with a Mayan theme appears here.


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