Friday, October 21, 2011

Max in his Sailboat

In 2010, Bloomsbury Auctions sold this classic pencil rendering by Maurice Sendak of "Max in his Sailboat" from the Where the Wild Things Are themed area of the Sony Metreon building. I would assume that most collectors of Sendak's art are generally happy to see him return to the classic characters he created for this landmark book.

141. Sendak (Maurice) Max in his sailboat, original drawing for the ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ themed area of the Sony Metreon building, San Francisco, captioned by the artist, ‘Cocky, presumptious, intensely secure, he made the boat’, pencil drawing, 240 x 215mm., signed lower right, inscribed lower left, framed and glazed.
est. £3500 – £5000
Sold for £3400 Sale 714, 25th March 2010

October 19, 2014 Update: Three years ago when I was new to blogging, I would link to wonderful images such as this one and assume they'd remain on the blog forever. The problem is that the internet can have a short memory. Eventually this image disappeared and had to be replaced with an inferior one. It took some time until I learned to keep my own copy of the art.

What's done is done, but if anyone kept my earlier high-resolution image, or Bloomsbury's, or if you own the art yourself, I'd love to be able to restore the better image. That goes for pretty much any image that appears on this blog:  if you've got a better one, I'm interested.

Note: My most recent post on the art of Maurice Sendak is here.


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