Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Gahan Wilson: Joystick

An original illustration by Gahan Wilson, c. 1985, has been sold on eBay for $2,250. An executive, presumably, is shown directing the actions of an employee via a joystick controller with a cable. Wilson's colors are vibrant and his crosshatching is exquisite. But what precisely is the context of this image?

Gahan Wilson
eBay listing ended November 26, 2020

Gahan Wilson
eBay item description

In September, prior to its sale on eBay, this original artwork was offered for auction at Hake's. Here we learn that the artwork was created for a financial services brochure:

Gahan Wilson
Hake's listing of September 24, 2020

Here then are all the Gahan Wilson illustrations from the Hake's sale shown together. It seems they were created for the same brochure.

Further auction details from Hake's:

The smaller illustrations from that last set have since been offered individually on eBay.

Note:  I'd like to hear from anyone with a copy of the financial brochure in which this artwork appeared.

Images of original artwork by Gahan Wilson are sought after for purposes of public discussion here on Attempted Bloggery.


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