Sunday, February 17, 2013

New York Yankees 1923 Signed Baseball

Keep your eye on the ball! On February 23, Heritage Auctions is offering a rare team baseball signed by the 1923 champions, the New York Yankees. A quick survey of the following chart should be helpful to those who need to be reminded how the Major League Baseball clubs have performed. World Series History shows that the New York Yankees have won by far the greatest number of championships of any team, twenty-seven, and that the very first of these was in the year 1923.

At this writing, bidding, including the buyer's premium, is above $7,000. So far, that seems like a bargain. The sale is being held, appropriately, in New York.
Major League Baseball World Championships by Club

"Whitey" Witt
"Babe" Ruth

Wally Schang
Elmer Smith
Bob Meusel
Everett Scott
Herb Pennock

"Bullet Joe" Bush
Harvey Hendrick
Sam Jones
Wally Pipp
Waite Hoyt
Mike McNally [?]

Carl Mays
Aaron Ward
Bob Shawkey 
Oscar Roettger

Miller Huggins

Charley O'Leary
Benny Bengough
Hinky Haines
Ernie Johnson
George Pipgras 
Joe Dugan*80009#95069506390
 February 23, 2013:  Sold for $13,145.00 (includes BP)*80009#95069506390

1923-1926 New York Yankees Tribute
Featuring Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig

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