Wednesday, May 23, 2018

MoCCA Fest 2018: Not Waving But Drawing by John Cuneo

It is said that Bach could improvise at or above the level of his musical compositions. John Cuneo, I would argue, produces seemingly spontaneous sketchbook drawings that are at least as intriguing  as his finished illustrations. It's a good bet that the artist's sketchbook drawings are unlike anything else you have encountered. They are intensely personal yet broadly relatable, arcane yet accessible, erotic yet grotesque, morbid yet hilarious. To me, they somehow recall the sketches of Heinrich Kley and Auguste Rodin in their technical prowess and ability to surprise, yet they have an esthetic and a character that is all their own. And now we have a book full of 'em!

John Cuneo
Not Waving But Drawing:  Dark Thoughts, Lightly Rendered
Seattle:  F.U. Press, 2016

Signed and personalized with a drawing by John Cuneo

Note: David Apatoff's unsurpassed Illustration Art blog is as fine a place as any to learn more about the work of John Cuneo. He always loved larking.

This week's posts are devoted to the fascinating items I collected at MoCCA Fest 2018.

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